With increasingly compact and integrated spaces, using partitions can be a good solution to separate the rooms in your home.

One of the most recent construction trends – and one that is very likely here to stay – is the use of space. Gone are the days when huge houses and apartments were the norm; today, both for environmental and economic reasons, the norm is to invest in compact constructions, when choosing a glass wall art

To this end, builders have been betting on the integration of environments: if you’ve ever visited a modern apartment (or if you even live in one), you must have noticed that the divisions between environments are no longer so obvious. While the dining room has become part of the living room, the kitchen is directly connected to the laundry room, in some cases without even a wall separating the two rooms.

Even the kitchen and living room sometimes seem to be part of the same environment, with just a worktop signaling the division. But while this integration can be practical and even charming, there are those who miss a clearer differentiation between the different environments, after all, many of us grew up in homes like this and got used to it.

One of the solutions to this issue is to make use of partitions between one environment and another. In addition to being a cheaper solution than putting up cement walls (not to mention that some constructions don’t even allow this option) and more appealing than simply stacking bricks and painting later, there are dividers of various styles and materials to suit all tastes.

Among the most used materials, glass stands out. Whether due to their excellent cost-benefit ratio or their elegance, glass partitions can even give a feeling of greater amplitude to small environments, which goes perfectly with the concept of using spaces, in addition to giving an air of modernity to the rooms. environments.

Among their main advantages is the fact that they offer optimal use of natural light: unlike cement walls or dry walls, glass does not lose light, thus spreading light between rooms. For this reason they are often used to separate the kitchen and living room, for example.

But anyone who thinks that glass walls necessarily mean a loss of privacy is wrong. This is only true in the case of completely transparent glass, but there are also walls made with opaque glass that make it impossible to see what is on the other side.

Whichever type you choose, glass walls have many applications and can be the missing touch in your home or apartment. At Omega Americana you will find everything about glass and frames and also has a qualified team always ready to assist you. Come visit our store and make a quote!